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  • &klevering

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  • astep

    Astep is a design company that brings to the domestic landscape, the experience, knowledge and the future-oriented outlook that has been nurtured in my family for three generations, and bridges it with the latest developments in digital technologies. Our name “Astep” indicates the necessary motion of a never-ending journey – the journey of evolution. It points to a natural but essential move towards the creation of something that’s better, more substantial, more worthwhile. Astep represents our admiration for timeless inventions: objects that – regardless of when they were designed or made – retain their edge, their capacity to affect our lives, advancing the manner in which we live.
  • Be-pôles

    Be-pôles was launched in the year 2000 in Paris by two friends, Clementine Larroumet and Antoine Ricardou, with a sole objective: to build strong, lasting brand identities.

    Ever since then, they have remained focused on this same mission, and kept the same careful eye. They have never changed their guiding principles. Be-pôles knows the extent to which a brand’s identity is precious and should never be sacrificed to catch a fleeting trend, and treats each project like a precious work of art.

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  • Cavallini

    For over 25 years the californian manufacturer Cavallini & Co. has been producing the highest quality stationary products with an old fashioned sentiment.

    Merge two passions, Italy and collectibles, has created this line of products having an inimitable taste.

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  • Creativando

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  • Cutipol

    The CUTIPOL line of cutlery is the result of constant improvement, an insatiable spirit of innovation and the expertise and know-how gained over several generations, from the birth of the cutlery industry in Portugal. The highest quality attainable in manufacturing is not an "optional" for Cutipol, but is regared as an absolute necessity. That, and the careful selection of raw materials, the ergonomic study of the shapes, the sober, practical and refined design and the total committment to quality control, combine to make Cutipol what it is today. Although modern machinery is used for much of the initial work, the traditional craftsmanship still plays a major role.

  • Danese

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  • Design House Stockholm

    What is Scandinavian design ? According Fardig Anders , founder of the Design House Stockholm , the answer should draw on philosophical foundations and aesthetic , related to geography and the national character of these Nordic countries . The range of products of this brand ranges from fashion items to chandeliers and dishes : all also available in limited editions . Design House Stockholm , a collective of Scandinavian designers , reached worldwide success in 1997 , thanks to a collection that includes items such as the Block Lamp , designed by designer Hami Koskinen , now part of the permanent collection of MoMA .

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  • Design Letters

    DESIGN LETTERS & Friends is a Danish design company founded by former copy writer and journalist Mette Thomsen. Mette has always been a great fan of words and writing and in 2009 she merged it with her passion for design by establishing DESIGN LETTERS. In 2009 there were none fashionable letters in the interiors world. Only multicolored letters for kids' wall decoration. Why not change this, she asked herself, and felt the idea was so good that she decided to quit her job at the danish interior magazine Bolig Magasinet and founded DESIGN LETTERS by launching a radically different series of monochrome letters. Later the company's collection expanded to include Arne Jacobsen’s hand-drawn typography from 1937. The rest is a history. Today DESIGN LETTERS & Friends carries a significant collection within Living, Stationery, Furniture and Kids designs - with and without letters.

  • Essent'ial

    Essent'ial is a collection of design objects originated from the creativity of its creator Albano Ghizzoni , made ​​with natural materials , such as paper and cardboard recycled and FSC certified , and cellulose fiber washable .

    The company has launched some products made with the collaboration of other companies , such as bags and saccacci using the graphics of the historical Finnish company Marimekko .

    He has teamed up with Matteo Ragni , on the occasion of his exhibition " 100 % TobeUs " ( Museum of Science and Technology in Milan - December 2012 / January 2013) . Latest collaboration with the architect Paola Navone , a true icon of design and K -lab , laboratory otherwise creative , an innovative , different , special , as always emphasizes the sensitivity of Essent'ial towards an emotional side , human and spiritual of life.

    To " do business with the heart ."

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  • Ferm Living

    Ferm Living is a Danish company founded by Trine Andersen in 2005. The company has developed a distinctive and confident design during the years bringing life and beauty to your home. The collections ranges from accessories, over furniture to lighting an all the items are produced in line with the traditions of craftsmanship in honest materials and a keen eye for detail.

  • Flensted Mobiles

    Flensted Mobiles is a family business: in 1953 Christian Flensted made his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter - He cut out three storks, mounted them in two straws, and the first Flensted Mobile was made!
    A Flensted Mobile is made from a perfect combination of love, dedication and quality, bringing a unique design into your home - and helping you to unwind at the same time!

  • Guaxs

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  • GUBI

    Danish company founded in 1967 by the architect couple Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen , GUBI republished forgotten masterpieces of design years 30,40,50 and 60 with timeless collections . Icons of furniture designed by top European designers such as Greta Magnusson Grossman and Mathieu Matégot .

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  • Hay

    In the 21 century a new Danish surprise makes an appearance in the design world by offering products that are accessible and affordable :

    Hay is determined to rely on energy of both young talent on the fantastic imagination of established designers .

    Halfway between fashion and architecture , Hay unites these two absolutes combining advanced technology with a truly innovative research , demonstrating a vision and a deep commitment to the service of an open and accessible design .

  • HK Living

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  • House Doctor

    House Doctor is a Danish brand that produces objects and furnishings of Nordic taste . Through their products you will be transported into a world of contrasts of light and shade where it is celebrated the beauty of the contamination . You can find an interesting assortment of vases in ceramic and glass , posters , Christmas decorations , lanterns , stationery as well as a section dedicated to lighting , furniture and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen .

  • Hubsch

    Hübsch is a Danish brand characterized by a soft scandinavian design. The coloured and transparent vases will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your apartment. Hubsch designs all its products in Denmark. 

  • Ib Laursen

    Ib Laursen was founded in 1971, by Ib Laursen and his wife Tove. Today The Company is administrated by their son Peter Laursen, but both Tove and Ib are still active in working with the collection and style. 

    Their Nordic style products are partly their own design and partly the result of a high amount of creativity and ability to recognize new trends and tendencies: from shabby-chic style, to vintage, from industrial chic style to the romantic, nostalgic or modern one.

    Founded as a retail shop, Ib Laursen has grown and has become one of Scandinavia’s biggest wholesale suppliers of decor. The 9000 m2 of office, showroom and storage buildings of the company are situated on the outskirts of Denmark’s oldest town, Ribe.

    The products are manufactured by carefully selected suppliers in Asia and shipped from the head office in Ribe to the retailer network all over Europe.

    The products are manufactured by carefully selected suppliers in Asia and shipped from the head office in Ribe to the retailer network all over Europe.

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  • Ibride

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  • Ichendorf

    Combine harmoniously ancient techniques and modern lines : therein lies the essential orientation of Ichendorf today .

    Thanks to the intelligent and tenacious work of masters and artists from many countries , Ichendorf , which began its activities in the last decade of the last century , is now a trademark notoriously known in Italy and abroad .

    Their design and production philosophy favors contemporary styles and forms . The collections have gradually enriched with new models and a continuous improvement of aesthetics and materials , combining - with intelligence and taste - tradition and innovation . Architects and designers , Italian and not , now working as Ichendorf to continue to enrich its many collections .


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  • Jenaer Glas

    The borosilicate glass of Jenaer Glas is a sturdy material , known for its quality of resistance to thermal shock and its low coefficient of expansion . Originally, it born for pharmaceutical uses and for the realization of equipment for the chemical industry.

    It has good characteristics of transparency and toughness and , for this , is today widely employed for gift . Particularly suitable for food use , the borosilicate glass can be used in the freezer , in traditional ovens and in those microwave .

    Jenaer Glas offers a wide range of articles made ​​of borosilicate glass dedicated to the kitchen , coffee , tea and chocolate .

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  • KnIndustrie

    From the encounter between Francesco Zani , with his passion and design culture , and family Pinti , strong three generations devoted to build in Brescia an industrial power in the field of cutlery and steel cookware , comes the idea of KnIndustrie .

    Made in Italy . Audace . Brave . Eco - sustainable . Innovative . KnIndustrie promises to subvert the market for kitchen utensils combining art , industry and high technology .

  • L'Abitare

    From the great tradition of Italian style and design comes L'Abitare . The Milanese brand is born from the creativity of Italian and international designers and offers items for the contemporary life characterized by ideas and colors , shapes and materials . The beauty that comes from the past together with the long tradition of shapes, sizes , colors and proportions typical of Italian architecture , inspire the collections L'Abitare .

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  • La Lampe Gras

    Nate a Parigi nel 1922, le lampade Gras furono disegnate dallo storico francese Bernard-Albin Gras e restano ad oggi un classico senza tempo del design moderno. Queste lampade sono oggetto da collezione per amanti del design provenienti da tutto il mondo sopratutto Europa, USA e Giappone. 

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  • Malle W. Trousseau

    Isabelle Mathez & Frederic Winkler have devised a " Malle " ( trunk ) that brings together a careful selection of essential utensils for cooking in a pleasant way . Objects designed to be used not just to seduce .

    The three rules used to select these objects are :



    well-done .

    The "objects " contained in Malle W. Trousseau are made ​​by artisans that combine a real love for their craft skills .

    These objects are timeless and have become a part of their family and their everyday life.

    The series Malle W. Trousseau is a "gift of life , for life ."

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  • Menu

    Pure Scandinavian design where simple and delicate lines join with well-defined functions: this is the concept of Menu , Scandinavian company that combines design , styles and trends to tell a different interpretation of everyday life . Complements for the living area and the bedroom , lamps and accessories for the kitchen , dress with colors and patterns inspired by nature .

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  • Meo fusciuni

    Born from the definition of artistic perfume as olfactory memory, Meo Fusciuni blend fragrances that recall moments of life lived, in a unique and exciting collection, the olfactory vision of a modern and nomad artist. Today Meo Fusciuni is an Italian independent brand, where the planning got boundaries in research of olfactory memory, yesterday nomad traveling, today in poetry, tomorrow mysticism. Meo Fusciuni is odorous liquid and matter that contains it, the poetic language that tells it is contained in a fragrance, a journey that lasts a lifetime.

  • Mepra

    Mepra born in 1947 , a family business that has been passed down for generations , is the protagonist of the " Made in Italy " for  articles dedicated to the kitchen and the table as utensils, cutlery and furniture accessories .

    They use the best steel 18/10 and the greatest care of the cleaning process . 100% of production is subjected to extensive checks before being deposited in the warehouse . The objects for the kitchen , table and furniture , while responding to changing habits of life , respect the rules of the tradition and culture of the Italian Life Style .

  • Meraki

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  • Muubs

    Muubs is an innovative furniture and interior business, specializing in designing and producing furniture and interior exclusively in raw materials. Muubs products all have a raw and unique urban look that fits into most interior design as a contrast to the minimalistic. Vision: To make honest long lasting design. Unexpected enduring objects which age gracefully.

  • Muuto

    The Danish company Muuto was inspired for his name to the Finnish word " muutos " which means change and clearly outlines the company's Nordic aesthetic philosophy .

    Innovative and young company, working with Scandinavian designers to create original products with new perspective , who can surprise thanks to the materials used .

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  • Nuuna

    In our Frankfurt based studio, we develop new book concepts, testing materials and finishing processes with great attention to detail. Our purpose; to consistently interpret each book in a brand-new way. Our inspiration comes from the things we love most: architecture, fashion, literature, art and design.

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  • Paola C

    Editions Paola C are born to propose a vision of a young but refined table .

    Provide collections in different materials , made ​​by italian designers and foreign artists , with the art direction of Aldo Cibic .

    The partnership with Aldo Cibic started in 2000 and took off with a line of hand made ceramics , and in a mouth-blown glass . Over time, the collection has expanded and research has considered other materials , always with the aim of producing functional objects , elegant and poetic .

  • pols potten

    Started in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1986. Clear, innovative, tongue-in-cheek, every pols potten product shows its Dutch roots. For almost 30 years, it’s these very same qualities that make the products feel right at home anywhere in the world. pols potten globally offers a style-conscious concept for spaces and invites you to forget about normalcy. pols potten adds spice!

  • Raumgestalt

    Raumgestalt is one of the most famous design companies , its products are perfect and cared in every detail , respect tradition , yet are at the forefront of contemporary design .

    " With the help of our sensitivity ," says the presentation " we want to counter what is hasty and noisy in our everyday surroundings. Through the language of our products we want to create an environment of simplicity and clarity . Concentration and calmness are the qualities that you can find in all our products "

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  • Rina Menardi

    Since 1980, Rina Menardi develops its research in the ceramics , personalizing work techniques , research in the colors , clean shape . Its collections are fusions of art , design and craftsmanship where colors , aesthetics and functionality meet .

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  • Seletti

    Seletti family has created over time a real brand recognized and affirmed in all the world , a series of collections that have launched design classics .

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  • Série Limitée LOUISE

    Made like we prepare a family meal, "Série Limitée LOUISE" give us a taste of yesterday. Our brand is focusing on the table universe, made of 100% stone washed linen. Screen printed of vintage photographs, our collection is entirely printed in Paris, FRANCE on natural and sustainable materials. Each product is handprinted one-by-one, using ecologically friendly water-based inks. Each vintage photographs is found in flea markets in and around Paris, we focus our researches on french family pictures that depict memories, moments of joy or typical french posture.
    They will accompany your everyday life, meals, recipes and many other things... 

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  • String

    String Furniture is a Swedish manufacturer of bookcases and shelves . The String ® system was designed in 1949. In 60 years it has evolved from being an innovative concept , to become one of the most loved pieces of Scandinavian design . The features that distinguish these modules are their ease of insertion in different environments and with different uses , both in the home , both in the workplace.

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  • Totem Nature

    The experience of the fumigation ritual:
    A bouquet of magical plants with a wild and singular scent to be consumed slowly...
    A gift that feels good, smells good and is beautiful.
    Inspired by fumigation and by what existed at the time of ancestral witchcraft, Totem is inspired by the first herbalists who were monks.
    Among the simples, so virtuous and aromatic, we have Sage, known since the Middle Ages to cure many ailments, Rosemary, that cleanses and tones, and Lavender, that soothes the moods.

  • Walther & Co

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  • XLBoom

    XLboom is a young Belgian company founded in 1997. It produces items and furniture modern and colorful . The company philosophy of Ann De Cock and Geert -Jan Van Cauwelaert is to create objects practical, intelligent and quality .

    XLboom produces a lightweight design , attentive to the needs of modern but not pretentious, minimal, smart and original .