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  • astep
    Model 2065 Lamp by astep

    The 2065 is made of two joined opaline methacrylate saucer-shaped diffusers suspended from the ceiling with a black painted aluminium canopy. The simplicity of the design and lightness of the materials makes for an elegant and free-floating luminaire. The suspension lamp designed in 1950 emphasises the innovative, experimental approach of Gino Sarfatti....

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  • GUBI
    Gubi Cobra Lamp

    Gubi Cobra table lamp  is designed in 1950 by Greta M. Grossman. The tubular flexible arm can be bent in all directions whilst the shade can be rotated through 360°. The lampshade comes in four colours:vintage red - anthracite grey - warm grey - jet black.

    359,84 €
  • astep
    VV Cinquanta Suspension Lamp by astep

    VV Cinquanta is a lighting collection that embodies elegance and versatility. The VV Cinquanta Suspension is elegant and versatile with two posable direct light sources. With a distinctive dual-stemmed construction, it features two uniquely shaped reflectors, one narrow and one wide. The fixture and the reflectors can be adjusted to many different...

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  • astep
    Model 548 Lamp by astep

    The table lamp designed in 1951 is a study in balance and light reflection through a screen, a recurring theme in Gino Sarfatti’s work. Model 548 provides both reflected and diffused light due to the adjustable spotlight that is directed up towards a reflecting screen.The large diffuser in orange, blue or white methacrylate provides a highly sophisticated...

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  • astep
    Candela Lamp by astep

    Continuing the long tradition of elegant Scandinavian flame luminaries, Candela, designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, advances this classic product typology with 21st century technology. As the first product of Astep, Candela is a manifesto that speaks to evolution in design and technology, and respect for the environment. Astep is inspired by evolution; the...

    750,00 €
  • astep
    VV Cinquanta Floor Lamp by astep

    VV Cinquanta is a lighting collection that embodies elegance and versatility. The VV Cinquanta Floor model stands gracefully on a slender black aluminium frame. The VV Cinquanta reflector is made of enameled spun aluminium, available in original Vittoriano Viganò colors. The VV Cinquanta features an elegant and versatile posable direct light source that...

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  • astep
    Lamp VV Cinquanta Wall by astep

    The VV Cinquanta features an elegant and versatile posable direct light source that can swivel and tilt. The Wall model is mounted on a brass fixture, allowing the reflector to rotate 350 degrees, and can be angled 160 degrees, providing a wide range of lighting compositions. Designed by Italian architect Vittoriano Viganó in 1951 during his time as Art...

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  • GUBI
    Gubi Grossman Grasshopper floor lamp

    Gubi Grashoppa Floor Lamp, designed by Greta M. Grossman in 1948. Is a tripod stand made in powder coated tubolar steel. A real icon of design through time.

    646,72 €
  • astep
    Model 2129 Lamp by astep

    The droplight luminaire designed in 1969 is a beautiful example of Gino Sarfatti’s visionary design. A versatile, functional artwork that makes a powerful statement and brings attention to everything its light touches. The intimate light provided by Model 2129 wraps the space in a warm ambience. The luminaire features a discreet counterweight and a large...

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  • House Doctor
    Lamp, Molecular, Black/Brass plated,

    The Molecular pendant lamp from House Doctor is an eye catching design item and it is ideal over the dining table or in the living room. This lamp, due to its cool design and structure, provides both direct and indirect light. The lamp is made in black coated iron with brass details and has adjustable arms: the cable is 2,5 meters long. Light sources are...

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