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  • GUBI
    Mategot Trolley Gubi

    Two-level rolling trolley designed by Mathieu Mategot, with two perforated sheet-iron trays and a main structure in black-coated iron. The lower level has a magazine rack. It comes in 3 versions: White tray /Black main structure Light blue-gray tray / Black main structure Black tray / Black main structure

    589,34 €
  • GUBI
    Pedrera Coffee Table Gubi

    The Pedrera table designed in 1955 by Barba Corsini was inspired by Gaudi's building in Barcelona and has the same name. The Pedrera table comes with a steel base and an organic shaped glass top. 'Powerful simplicity' is indeed an apt description of Corsini's personal design style, as represented by the Pedrera series.

    658,20 €
  • GUBI
    Adnet Circulaire Mirror Gubi

    In 1950, Adnet formed a partnership with the French fashion house, Hermès, where he developed a collection of leather-covered furniture and interior accessories. Accordingly, he made a round leather mirror with brass hinges. Besides the remarkable leather and brass details, the mirror is also unique as the strap lenght is in direct proportion to the...

    914,75 €
  • GUBI
    Demon Shelf System Gubi

    This is a modular shelving system designed by Matthieu Mategot in 1954. The shelves come in different lengths: 95, 155, 215 and 275 cm. They are all 26 cm deep. Depending on the composition, there will be 2 or 3 metal brackets and the distance between shelves can be 25 or 35 cm.  The shelves come in natural oak, natural walnut or black-stained ash. The...

    1 286,89 €
  • GUBI
    Matègot Coatrack Gubi

    Very elegant coatrack designed for Gubi by Mathiew Matègot in 1956. This coatrack features a central brass centrepiece and three arms. A classic example of practical and beautiful design, this object will give a touch of charme to your apartment.

    130,33 €
  • GUBI
    Gubi Masculo lounge chair

    The design partnership GamFratesi embodies the meeting between Italian and Danish design. The considered and minimal approach of the Danish design tradition is combined with a sense of quirkiness and the desire to tell a story. With GamFratesi the contrasts are often key to their inspiration. They work strictly within the Scandinavian approach to craft,...

    1 129,51 €
  • String
    string shelf system

    String, an icon of scandinavian design, is a system of shelves by Nils Strinning nonstop producted since 1949 and incredibly up to date.  There is an almost infinite variety of combinations. The String shelves are very practical, the structure is light but very strong. And is really easy to mount. The price reflects the composition shown in the first...

    2 073,77 €

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