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  • KnIndustrie
    ABCT WHITE Induction Casserole

    Designed and produced by the KnIndustrie brand, ABCT is a collection of cookware made of steel with external coating in porcelain enamel and internal in nano-technological ceramic. ABCT is composed of a series of pots which, depending on the depth and diameter, play the role of casserole, pan or pan in the kitchen; detached the pincer handles and...

    31,15 €
  • KnIndustrie
    ABCT Handle Forceps

    These tong-like handles, in stainless steel and heat resistant silicon, are meant to be used with all of the KnIndustrie ABCT series of pots, pans and casseroles. They provide an excellent grip the pots and pans and are easily detached so that the cooking vessels are transformed into elegant serving plates and bowls. Available in black and white versions.

    23,77 €
  • KnIndustrie
    ABCT Wooden Lid

    This mahogany lid belongs to the ABCT collection of cookware, made in alluminum and clad in white, non-stick, nano technology ceramic. The lid keeps food protected and warm and doubles as a trivet to protect your table from the hot metal. These lids are not oven safe! THESE LIDS ARE PAIRED WITH THE CASSEROLES, THEY ARE NOT MADE FOR THE KNINDUSTRIE PANS OR...

    31,97 €
  • Ichendorf
    ARIA Vinegar Cruet

    ARIA vinegar cruet have a simple and functional design. It differs from the oil cruet of the same series only in its capacity. Once filled, the vinegar seems to "float" above an air bubble, hence the name. This line is part of an exquisite series of crystal glassware from one of Italy's finest glass producers, Ichendorf Milano, a balance between ancient...

    15,57 €
  • Menu
    Wine Breather decanter

    This elegantly designed carafe aerates your wine in one easy step. Simply press the silicon fitting of the Wine Breather onto the top of an opened bottle of wine and flip it over so that the wine pours into the decanter. You can serve the wine from the decanter, or flip it back over once it's done and pour the aerated wine back into the bottle and serve...

    65,57 €
  • Ichendorf
    Ichendorf Salt & Pepper Cilindro

    This couple of Cilindro salt and pepper shakers is a part of the same set of cruets for oil and vinegar.  This line is part of an exquisite series of glassware from one of Italy's finest glass producers, Ichendorf Milano, a balance between ancient techniques of glassmaking and contemporary style.

    15,57 €
  • KnIndustrie
    Himalayan Salt Cooking Set

    This cooking set consists of an oven-safe porcelain tray and a thick block of Himalayan salt, the purest in the world. You can heat the salt block in the oven, on a gas range or on the grill, and then bring it to the table to cook a varitey of foods from meats, seafood and rind cheeses. The food picks up the subtle taste of this unique salt, imparting a...

    77,87 €
  • Essent'ial
    The Essen'tial Bag

    The Essenti'ial Bag, also known as the Sack, is a classic bestseller. Essent’ial is always one step ahead in R&D making cellulose fiber food-safe and oil and water resistant. This material can be put in the washing machine or dishwasher on low temperatures (30°C) using plain soap.  Use them as breadbaskets, to serve nuts, popcorn or any kind of snack...

    14,75 €
  • Menu
    Kettle Teapot

    Full transparency is generally a good policy in life, and apparently in brewing tea as well. This glass teapot from Menu was designed by Copenhagen-based Norm Architects, and incorporates a tea infuser within a completely transparent glass pot. This Scandinavian design visually adds to the experience of making tea. A pretty and at the same time practical...

    54,92 €
  • KnIndustrie

    Traditionally made of ceramic, a tajine is a cooking pot formed by two elements: the pot itself in which the meal is cooked, and the lid in the shape of cone designed to capture the steam and to let the water return down into the pot.  This modern version of the tajine is constructed out of highly conductive aluminum with a dark brown non-stick coating....

    91,80 €
  • Ichendorf
    Ichendorf Sugar Dispenser Piuma

    This elegant sugar-bowl is a part of Piuma serie in borosilicated glass. With the two Tea pots and the little milk-jug comes into your house with poetical delicacy.

    12,30 €
  • Be-pôles
    The Little Paper Bag

    The Parisian-New York studio Be-poles loves to create and develop objects with a graphic and innovative approach, respecting the brand identity. It does not follow ephemeral trends but prefers a responsible and lasting approach. Always full of innovative ideas, be-poles develops its projects calling objects with their names Le Ruban Adhésif, Le Sac en...

    8,20 €
  • Personal Bottle Personal Bottle
    Product available with different options
    Design Letters
    Personal Drinking Bottle A-Z

    Bottle designed by the grandson of Arne Jacobsen, Tobias Jacobsen. 'AJ Vintage ABC' typography designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1937. The personal bottle is ideal to bring to work, the gym, school or day care; the letter makes it easy to recognize your bottle from the others. The shape of the personal water bottle is inspired by an old-fashioned milk...

    16,39 €
  • Paola C
    The Piggy Jug by Paola C

    This hand blown glass jug, designed Aldo Cibic and made by Massimo Lunardon, is just as suitable for water or ice tea as it is for wine. As suggested by its funny name, this rotund jug adds a playful element to any table. But make no mistake, this is a sophisticated design object produced by a master Venetian glassblower. 

    225,41 €
  • Paola C
    Set of 6 Tulip wine glass

    Clean and rigorously essential design characterize the Tulip series of glasses, a complete set of glassware for water, wine, champagne, liquors, spirits and cocktails. Elegant and contemporary, these cast glass pieces reference a tulip on a stem, reduced to its bare geometry.  Sold in set of 6 glasses.

    142,62 €
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