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n. 3 — wishlist 2013

We have a few suggestions to help you rediscover the magic of Christmas that can often seem ever more elusive:

Let's start with the fragrances, like roasting chestnuts, orange zest in mulled wine, homemade cookies in the oven, the scents of cinnamon, ginger and powdered sugar falling onto your freshly baked cake.

Ignite your generosity for those who are struggling, for those who are suffering, and we know there are many. Open up your closets and wardrobes and give away those things that you don't use anymore. Others will appreciate them. Go to the market and donate provisions to the food programs in your area. Even small gestures can make a big difference, especially when multiplied. Spread the word.

Remember all those classic Christmas movies that they show every year at this time? Make the time to sit together on the couch with a bag of homemade popcorn and a woolen blanket to watch that cartoon or black and white film with those you love. Perhaps a healthy dose of cynicism can help us through our daily grind, but it's also liberating to leave that on the doorstep and embrace the sweetness of this time of year.

Gifts, sure, but only from the heart. Give to those you really care about, and search for something that will make them happy, without focusing on whether you have spent too much, or too little. It can be as simple as a photograph or a handwritten message. But always wrap it beautifully, because that shows how much you care about what's inside.

Decorate your home, but not necessarily with a tree or crèche. You can just light a few candles and make some decorations with paper, scissors and string.

Exchange greetings of the season, make dates with your friends to share a coffee or cocktail in your favorite place, laugh about the good times you've shared and imagine those to come. Plan some time to shop together with your son or daughter, your father or mother, your niece or nephew or a bunch of friends. Don't rush around frenetically, but make the time to have an experience that you all will enjoy. Browse in a bookshop, and, we hope, visit us at dep ...

And so, to help all this to come true, we've recreated the "Dear Santa" letter for adults, the dep design store wishlist. Consider this a prescription for getting back in touch with your inner child, an outlet to express your desires. Read on...


What to YOU want to get for Christmas?

Create a wishlist. Just like when you wrote to Santa Claus all those years ago.

All you need to do is wander around the store, give us your email address and a list of the gifts that you would like to receive. We will put your wishlist online within 24 hours, and send you the link, so that you can send it privately via email, on Facebook or Twitter, as you prefer.

Sure, it's possible that after completing your wishlist, nobody gets you anything. But you will have given yourself a wonderful little gift — a couple of minutes fantasizing about your wishes. Not bad.


You can aslo create an instant wishlist online with the products that are already found on our website:
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