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n. 2 — november 2013
The wind is blowing in from the north at dep design store.

You'll get the unmistakable sense that Christmas is around the corner — glowing glass candle lanterns in all shapes and sizes. Paper ornaments from Denmark that seem like origami.

Strands of light lay across the table. Numbered cards can be used for a minimalist advent calendar, place cards or just decoration. Paper trees, huddled in groups like little snow covered woods. Glass domes make the objects placed within worth a closer look.

Luminous paperweights tempt anyone with a penchant for collecting unique objects. Cozy blankets and quilts help brave the winter in style. Earrings in semi-precious stones, artisan crafted in Belgium, dangle side by side.

Simple objects, and precious objects, hailing from Northern Europe but with a nod to the East, are perfect gifts — for others or for yourself.

Because, despite everything, let's not to give up the wonder of Christmas, and the joy of exchanging gifts with those we love.


Some of these products (even though they've just arrived) are already nearly sold out. A word to the wise, visit us in the store soon if you're interested, because there is probably not enough time for reorders to get here in time for Christmas. Or just stop by to have a look around.

The wind is gusting in from the north, winds of Christmas, bearing surprises and gifts.

From Sunday, 24 November through December, we're open on Sunday.

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