The Brown Paper Bag Expand

The Brown Paper Bag

Be-pôles Be-pôles


The Parisian-New York studio Be-poles loves to create and develop objects with a graphic and innovative approach, respecting the brand identity.

It does not follow ephemeral trends but prefers a responsible and lasting approach.

Always full of innovative ideas, be-poles develops its projects calling objects with their names Le Ruban Adhésif, Le Sac en Papier, Brown bag, Le Crayon, Les Portraits de Villes (etc.), behind an apparent simplicity it hides a sense of humor and creativity.

The Sac en papier are simple but consistent paper bags, available for countless uses, with a lot of space for imagination!

Size: 50 × 69 × 20 cm

Capacity: 66 liters

Made in France

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