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Flensted Mobiles is a family business: in 1953 Christian Flensted made his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter - He cut out three storks, mounted them in two straws, and the first Flensted Mobile was made!
A Flensted Mobile is made from a perfect combination of love, dedication and quality, bringing a unique design into your home - and helping you to unwind at the same time!

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    Flensted Mobile - Drifting Clouds

    If you imagine looking up at the sky! Here you see the Drifting Clouds mobile in its elegant movements, as if hanging above you. Close your eyes and follow your thoughts wherever they may go. Perhaps it takes you on an inner journey, looking down through the lakes of the forest with their rocky bottoms through the surface tension floating around for the...

    118,85 €
  • Flensted Mobiles
    Flensted Mobiles Mobile - Futura

    The mobile is Ole Flensted's first mobile, made in 1970. Bars of light and heavy elements in dynamic tension suggests six planets with their moons - or perhaps different levels of the light and the heavy sides of the personality?

    42,62 €
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    Flensted Mobiles Mobile - Life & Thread

    A large mobile, to hang over a sofa or a bed. Hanging over your masterbed, it is fantastic to watch the slowly drifting leaves circling around. A globe between night and day, between heaven and earth.The black set also contains white leaves. Choose the color you like the best. The all white version has a gold ball.

    57,38 €