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Anima grigia means Grey soul, is a return to the elements , to the raw material , untouched .

Is the will to propose elements of everyday life made ​​in accordance with rules and styles of design classic , simple . It arises from the use of the material " hidden " used by bookbinders, the gray cardboard, commonly called " soul " of the covers of the books cartonate .

Anima Grigia is : notebooks , calendars , libraries generated from this material and more .

Anima Grigia

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  • Anima Grigia
    Book and magazine strap: Tieninpiedi

    Liberate your books from bookshelves. This thick elastic band is perfect for keeping your books and magazines organized, bound together in a solid block, allowing them to be freestanding, which is exactly what its name, "tieninpiedi," means in Italian. It comes in two sizes, 30 cm (12") and 50 cm (20") long, as shown. 

    € 16.39
  • Anima Grigia
    Book and magazine support: "triangolo sì"

    This versatile and unique hanging book shelf, named "triangolo sì" (the yes triangle), does double duty as a practical storage solution for books and magazines while adding a distinct and modern design element to any room.  The structure is composed of a thick, black elastic band and a black enameled steel triangle to mount it on the wall.

    € 40.98

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