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Combine harmoniously ancient techniques and modern lines : therein lies the essential orientation of Ichendorf today .

Thanks to the intelligent and tenacious work of masters and artists from many countries , Ichendorf , which began its activities in the last decade of the last century , is now a trademark notoriously known in Italy and abroad .

Their design and production philosophy favors contemporary styles and forms . The collections have gradually enriched with new models and a continuous improvement of aesthetics and materials , combining - with intelligence and taste - tradition and innovation . Architects and designers , Italian and not , now working as Ichendorf to continue to enrich its many collections .

Ichendorf began business in the last decade of the last century. The collection has expanded year by year, with the production of pieces in a contemporary style which emphasises the purity of the material and rejects all the old cuts and old-fashioned ornamentation. Research is ongoing to develop new shapes which fully represent the poetic dimension of each work. All pieces are produced with the enthusiastic contribution of master glassmakers, who strive for an almost unachievable perfection. The major concept which underlies the Ichendorf production philosophy and is reflected in all the brand’s output is this marriage of tradition and innovation, long-established techniques and modern lines. Its products express all the art and history that have gone before them, and give modern form to a sophisticated idea that has evolved over the millennia, the finest creative impulse, brought gradually to fruition by the intelligent, dedicated work of countless artists in all eras and all countries.

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