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Raumgestalt is one of the most famous design companies , its products are perfect and cared in every detail , respect tradition , yet are at the forefront of contemporary design .

" With the help of our sensitivity ," says the presentation " we want to counter what is hasty and noisy in our everyday surroundings. Through the language of our products we want to create an environment of simplicity and clarity . Concentration and calmness are the qualities that you can find in all our products "


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    Oak Cutting Board - Natural Oak

     cutting board is cut from one piece of solid oak. It can be used as a chopping board or large serving platter for convivial gatherings. With its pure and essential design, it's a simple and beautiful element for any kitchen and looks at home on just about any table. Available in three size:SMALL: 29x12x2,2 cm MEDIUM: 29,5x16,5x1,8 cm EXTRA LONG:...