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The borosilicate glass of Jenaer Glas is a sturdy material , known for its quality of resistance to thermal shock and its low coefficient of expansion . Originally, it born for pharmaceutical uses and for the realization of equipment for the chemical industry.

It has good characteristics of transparency and toughness and , for this , is today widely employed for gift . Particularly suitable for food use , the borosilicate glass can be used in the freezer , in traditional ovens and in those microwave .

Jenaer Glas offers a wide range of articles made ​​of borosilicate glass dedicated to the kitchen , coffee , tea and chocolate .

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  • Jenaer Glas
    Set of borosilicate glass bowls: set 3 pieces

    A versatile set of three ultra-thin glass bowls from Jenaer Glas. The clean lines and essential forms complement whatever dish you serve. Fresh salads look their best in these bowls.  The bowls can be nested for storage, they are dishwasher safe and resistant to thermal shock. [Large bowl: Ø 26.2 cm, 4 litri / medium: Ø 22.6 cm, 2 litri / small: Ø 15.2...

    73,77 €

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