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Seletti family has created over time a real brand recognized and affirmed in all the world , a series of collections that have launched design classics .


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  • Seletti
    Bottiglia Seletti

    Seletti Estetico Quotidiano collection is how to trasform in design normal objects we use every day. Made in high quality materials, Seletti Bottles are in borosilicate glass with con watertight cork covered in sylicon. Available in four different versions.

    € 18.85
  • Seletti
    Seletti glass bottle

    These glass water bottles are shaped like the ubiquitous and environmentally harmful throw-away plastic bottles. It is made of clear borosilicate glass and comes with a glass and rubber stopper. The Estetico Quotidiano collection by Seletti is made up of pieces to keep - always made of glass and pure white porcelain. Comes in 4 different shapes. Select...

    € 24.00

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